Conferencia Española de Nanofotónica

The Conference aims to gather all the groups carrying out research in Nanophotonics in Spain (as well as somewhere else with interest in the research in Nanophotonics performed here). It intends to spread the research results achieved by all the different Spanish groups and to promote the establishment or reinforcement of contacts between them, as a mean to help the community to become more visible and dynamic. 

The Conference technical program aspires to address a wide area of research related to nanophotonics, metamaterials and subwavelength optics. Topics will include all aspects of the research, ranging from fundamental science to nanofabrication or applications.

The Conference will be organized in thematic sessions composed of plenary invited talks and contributed scientific communications (oral and poster). 

 Keynote Speakers

• Juan Carlos Cuevas (UAM, Spain) 
• Anna Fontcuberta i Morral (EPFL, Switzerland) 
• Juerg Leuthold (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) 
• Luis Martín-Moreno (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón, Spain) 
• Romain Quidant (ICFO, Spain) 
• Niek Van Hulst (ICFO, Spain) 
• Dries Van Thourhout (Ghent University – IMEC, Belgium) 

 Invited Speakers 

• Pablo Alonso (CIC nanoGUNE, Spain) 
• Sonia García-Blanco (University of Twente, Netherlands) 
• Beatriz Hernández Juárez (IMDEA Nanociencia / UAM, Spain) 
• Agustín Mihi (ICMAB-CSIC, Spain) 
• Daniel Navarro Urríos (ICN2, Spain) 
• Francisco Rodríguez Fortuño (King´s College London, UK)

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Fecha: 20/06/2016