Congreso: 8th EDCC (European Dependable Computing Conference), EDCC 2010, Valencia (Spain)

Modern society increasingly relies on mission- and safety-critical computer systems whose failure can have extreme and catastrophic consequences. As the range and nature of computer technologies expand, insuring the dependability of these systems is becoming increasingly difficult, and must encompass a swathe of complementary approaches to provide emergent dependability properties such as quality of service, availability, survivability, confidentiality, and fault and intrusion tolerance. These efforts must further consider all phases of a system’s life cycle, from its inception and design, through to its use, maintenance, and decommissioning.

Organised every two years, EDCC is the leading regional conference series to discuss advances on the dependability of computer systems in Europe. As in previous years, its eighth edition aims at providing a European-hosted venue for researchers and practitioners from all over the world to present and discuss their latest research results on fault-tolerance, dependability, security, and testing. Original papers are solicited on theory, techniques, systems, and tools for the design, validation, operation and evaluation of dependable and secure computing systems, covering any fault model, from traditional hardware and software faults to accidental and malicious human interactions.

Información del evento

Fecha: 27/04/2010