Metabonomics: A new tool for exploring biocomplexity

Wednesday 22nd October – Friday 24th October 2008z Valencia, Spain


Dr. Antonio Pineda-Lucena (CIPF Valencia) // Dr. Manfred Spraul- Bruker BioSpin (Germany)


Dr. Beatriz Jiménez // Dr. David MacIntyre


Fluid Metabonomics-Tissue and Cell Metabolomics -Drug Discovery and Toxicity

Alternative Metabonomics Applications – Methods and Design

Theme of the Workshop

Metabonomics incorporates NMR and MS spectroscopy in conjunction with statistical modelling methods to characterise perturbations in metabolic pathways occurring during biological processes. This approach has experienced an explosion in interest from a variety of disciplines ranging from basic biology through to food sciences. Researchers are now utilising the power of metabonomics to examine underlying biology and mechanisms of disease, for drug development and toxicity studies, for the development of food quality control methods and even for assessing the effects of environmental changes. In this workshop, an ensemble of international experts will discuss recent developments in the field, describe start of the art applications of metabonomics and examine detailed aspects such as experimental design and appropriate statistical methods for metabonomics.


The number of participants will be limited to 50 in order to assure a workshop environment conducive to interactive sessions encouraging discussion among participants and presenters. Preference for attendance will be given to those willing to present new and exciting research in form of a poster. The most outstanding abstracts will be selected for oral presentations.


Centro de Biomateriales UPV

Información del evento

Fecha: 22/10/2008