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The international workshop on Multipactor, Corona and Passive Intermodulation (MULCOPIM) is intended to be the meeting place for researchers, designers, test engineers and users of any space high power RF hardware. The aim is to share valuable information on the design and testing of high power RF hardware for the prevention of RF breakdown (Multipactor and Corona) and Passive Intermodulation. Starting in 1993, previous MULCOPIM editions have been organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) and held in the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), the Netherlands. For the first time, MULCOPIM was held in Valencia (Spain) in 2008. In 2011, MULCOPIM will be organised by ESA in collaboration with Val Space Consortium, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Universitat de València Estudi General and Aurora Software & Testing, once again in the warm city of Valencia(Spain), where the European High Power RF Space Laboratory is currently located.

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Fecha: 21/09/2011