Seminario Ingenio-Fundación CPI Practical relevance and academic excellence: Four business schools in context

Catherine Paradeise
Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Société (IFRIS)
Thursday, 19 April 2012 – 12:30


This presentation is based on a paper that tackles the conflict born out of the dual requirements of academic excellence and professional relevance that business schools have to contend with due to their dual quest for legitimacy: academic legitimacy on the one hand evaluated by peers and based on self-developed criteria of “excellence”; and professional legitimacy which is evaluated exogenously based on the relevance of the diplomas awarded to the commercial and business world. The article is based around four case studies conducted in three countries – France, Switzerland and the United States. The research is funded by the French ANR and all is also supported by various institutions in Switzerland, Italy and the US.

Short CV: 

Full professor at University Paris Est, senior researcher at LATTS

Catherine Paradeise was trained in social sciences in an interdisciplinary environment in France and the US. She has been teaching sociology in several universities and Grandes Ecoles in France and Canada. She was deputy director of the department of social sciences and the humanities at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) (1991-1994), and the head of the department of social sciences (1994-2000) before becoming deputy director of the ENS Cachan (2000-2003). She wrote and taught extensively on labor markets, industrial relations and professions.

More recently, she turned to the analysis of organizational issues and public policies in research and higher education institutions.  She is presently full professor at University Paris Est, senior researcher at LATTS (Laboratoire Territoires, Techniques et Sociétés), a French joint research center of CNRS and University Paris Est. She chairs IFRIS (Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Sociétés), a network institut dedicated to the study of sciences in society that recently won several large grants, including funding as a French “Laboratory of excellence”. She is currently senior editor for Organization studies and Sociologie du Travail.

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Fecha: 19/04/2012