XI Jornadas im2 – Mathematical Models in Medicine, Business & Engineering

XI JORNADAS IMM is the ELEVENTH meeting on Multidisciplinary Applications of Mathematics organized by the Instituto de Matematica Multidisciplinar at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

This event aims to gather specialist of many different areas: Mathematics, Engineering, Social Sciences, Medicine with a common objective: to develop really useful mathematical models that can be applied to achieve practical objetives in these disciplines.

Many real world practical problems could benefit from a mathematical modelling approach. Our conference intend to focus the views of a broad range of researchers in order to develop better models adequate to describe reality and make improved predictions and assessments.

This MULTIDISCIPLINARY FORUM is a good opportunity to exchange ideas among mathematicians, engineers, medicine professionals, etc.


Mathematical Modelling of:

*    Sociological Problems

*    Engineering

   Medical Imaging

*    Survival Analysis

*    Social and Neural Networks

*    Epidemiological models

*    Black-Scholes Equation and Finance

*    Stochastic Equations


IMM – Instituto de Matemática Multidisciplinar

UPV – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Cami de Vera, s/n

46022 Valencia


e-mail : imm@imm.upv.es


Información del evento

Fecha: 08/09/2009