4th International Symposium on Multibody Systems and Mechatronics

Modern systems can be considered as integrated systems that can be properly studied, designed, and operated by using Mechatronics viewpoints, but even considering the multibody architecture. Indeed, multibody system kinematics and dynamics can be thought as fundamental disciplines for Mechatronics approaches in designing and operating modern systems. The aim of The International Symposium on Multibody Systems and Mechatronics – MuSMe is to have a specific international conference which facilitates a meeting with academic and industrial experts, who are interested on Multibody Systems and Mechatronics, participating in technical papers presentations, plenary lectures and informal conversations in order to share experiences and to discuss results of investigations. The single-session format is adopted for the oral presentations of the papers, enabling the exchange of knowledges.

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25/10/2011 28/10/2011

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Fecha: 25/10/2011