INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP Programme “Pioneers into Practice 2014” (PIP-2014)

The 2014 Pioneers into Practise (PIP) programme starts with a workshop in which activities planned for 2014 will be presented.
This workshop, referred to as Regional Introductory Workshop, intends that especially pioneers get familiar with the philosophy, activities and expectations that 2014 PIP Programme has set as a challenge. The current call has some novelties , such as the involvement of some Portuguese pioneers in the outreach framework and the stronger engagement of the hosts.
In this regard, hosts has been invited to participate in the first day of the Introductory Workshop, in order to better now the framework of the programme, as well as the actors who take part in the programme and their potential role during the course.
On the other hand, the Portuguese pioneers will have their first contact with the programme and will be able to better understand the philosofy and timeframe of Pioneers into Practise.
Pioneers are expected to get to know each other during these three days, through a very interactive approach. At the same time, they will meet the coordinators, regional coaches and the whole team of 2014PiP Programme team in the Valencian Region.
A general view on the regional strategies and relevant initiatives within the programme will be provided in the framework of this course-workshop.
Likewise, an important part of the sessions will be focused on discussing the so-called “transition thinking” and, particularly, we will talk about the main stakeholders involved in this change. To do this, different methodologies and techniques on analysis and interviews will be used.
By the end of the day participants know each other better; should be aware of the multi-actors needed for sustainability innovation, should have identified important actors in their region, have an idea of how one should/could interview other actors to get relevant information and have an assignment.

Dates: 5th, 6th and 7th May 2014
Venue: Red Cube of the CPI (Polytechnic City of the Innovation). Polytechnic University of Valencia

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Fecha: 05/05/2014