REMPLANET Kick-off meeting

5 May 2009

09.30 h: Welcome to UPV [Red Cube Auditorium]

10.00 h: FP7 NMP projects – Some specific aspects [Red Cube Auditorium] Claude Rieg

10.45 h: Coffee break [Purple Cube Hall]

11.00 h: An overview on the REMPLANET Project [Red Cube Auditorium] Raul Poler

       Review of the Project objectives

       Project Work Plan

11.45 h: General project issues [Red Cube Auditorium] Raquel Sanchis

       Management procedures

       Financial and Administrative Issues

12.15 h: WP2 Operational REMPLANET Model [Room DESCUBRE] Eduardo Saiz

13.15 h: Lunch [Purple Cube Hall]

14.45 h: WP3 Integrated REMPLANET Framework [Room DESCUBRE] Andrew Lyons

15.45 h: WP4 REMPLANET Simulation and Optimization Decision Support [Room DESCUBRE] Eduardo Castellano

16.45 h: Coffee break [Purple Cube Hall]

17.00 h: WP5 REMPLANET SOP4EBPM Implementation [Room DESCUBRE] Dario Franco

18.00 h: Closure of the first day REMPLANET meetings [Room DESCUBRE]

21:00: Project Dinner [Restaurante Submarino del Oceanográfico]


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Fecha: 05/05/2009