5 International FEZA conference

encia, which is one of the most attractive cities on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The Congress will be followed by a Post-Conference School aimed at spreading the knowledge on fundamentals and applications of Ordered Porous Materials, and at promoting discussion among young researchers, PhD and Post-doc students.

The Conference will continue promoting fundamental an applied science on ordered porous materials, including microporous zeolites and aluminophosphates, MOFs, Mesostructured materials, porous hybrid solids, etc.  The main topics of this conference will be synthesis of porous solids, advanced characterisation and catalytic applications, modelling and theoretical studies, gas adsorption and separation, membranes, natural occurring zeolites, and novel technological uses of zeolites and related materials. All these topics are covered under the umbrella of the main scientific concept of the 5th FEZA Conference Leif motif ‘Innovations in Zeolites and ordered Porous Solids’

The purpose of the 5th FEZA Conference is to bring together academia and industry with the objective of exploring, reflecting and sharing ideas with regards to the impact of basic research on Porous Material Science is having or might have on final applications, and vice-versa the impact that novel industrial uses and/or needs will have on future trends of research in academia.

Questions like these require multi-disciplinary perspectives, so they can serve as input for integrative research, studies and approaches for a better understanding of what is or what might be the opportunities and threats/uncertainties, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of present trends in Porous Material Science and how this trend might be re-oriented for better and more desirable results.

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