What are the R&D projects?

To undertake any innovation process in the company, it is often necessary to carry out R&D projects that contribute the competitive advantage of exclusive knowledge.

The UPV develops relevant research activity and can participate in corporate R&D projects in two ways:

  • Outsourced by the company, through the provision of an R&D service specified by the company for a price. There is public financing available that the company may access to cover this cost.
  • In collaboration with the company, when there are jointly defined objectives and the work, risk and benefit is shared. Both the company and university can request public financing to cover the costs of the project.

How can I find researchers or research at the UPV?

If you would like to find UPV researchers or UPV research in which to base your product or process innovation and have access to public financing information our advice services, please visit our Explore R&D+i portal or contact our team of the I2T Service for the Promotion and Support to Research, Innovation and Transfer.