What is it?
The Industrial Doctorate includes the completion of the doctoral thesis in an industrial research or experimental development project carried out within a company (private sector or public sector or public administration), in any field of knowledge.
The doctoral student must be admitted and enrolled in a Doctorate Program of the University and will have a tutor or director of the University, as well as a director or responsible in the company.
The thesis project can be carried out integrally in the company or in collaboration with the University or another Research Center, within the framework of an agreement between both entities.
It aims to promote research in the business sector and collaboration between the university and the university within the framework of doctoral programs, encouraging the transfer of knowledge between the university and its environment and the employment of young researchers.
The doctoral student must be hired by the company. There are some grant frameworks for these contracts.

Where can I find more information
You can find more information about this topic in the following link and / or contacting the Doctoral School:
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– Telephone: +34 963877704 (ext.77704)