I-esa 2012 (6th internAtional conference)

Pre-conference March 20th-21st 2012
Conference March 22nd-23rd 2012


I-ESA’12 (Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications) carries on from the five previous successful experiences of I-ESA’05, organized in Geneva in February 2005; I-ESA’06, organised in March 2006 in Bordeaux; I-ESA’07, organised in March 2007 in Funchal; I-ESA’08, organized in March 2008 in Berlin; I-ESA’09, organized in April 2009 in Beijing and I-ESA’10 organized in April in Coventry.

The I-ESA’12 Conference is being organized by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability, sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing and the International Federation of Automatic Control and with the collaboration of AIDIMA.

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Date: 20/03/2012